$200 in Exclusive Savings 
at Hotels Around the World

Private access to over 300,000 hotels and resorts worldwide.

The VIP Club Card is your 100% free, no-strings attached preview of the exclusive discounts & pricing available through GOODLIFE USA, a private members-only travel & lifestyle benefits club.

 Membership provides access to pricing not available to the general public with rates guaranteed to be  lower than those found on the larger travel booking websites.

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Your $200 Goodlife USA VIP Club Card is registered to the IBO who is sharing Goodlife USA. This is a win-win for everyone involved as you get to test drive the GoodLife USA service and experience great savings without having to become a member.

Your VIP Club card gives you free access to over 300,000 hotels and resorts worldwide courtesy of GOODLIFE USA through its private booking engine and lets YOU SAVE $200 versus popular travel websites.

Actual Savings from the Good Life USA Booking System:

Your search results will display the "going" internet rate as well as your special VIP Club savings. When you book the savings are deducted from your $200 account.  For example if you save $50 on a booking versus sites like Expedia or Priceline you will still have $150 remaining in your account for future bookings!

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FREE $200 V.I.P Card TODAY!

to shop, compare, and save $200 on hotels & resorts worldwide. At anytime, you can opt for a full membership (as low as $11.95/mo.) and continue saving forever!


What is GoodLife USA?

Goodlife USA is a lifestyle service that gives you the best travel prices available anywhere on the internet, guaranteed! Goodlife USA also allows you to get great saving on just about all your entertainment needs, including savings on shopping, movies, sporting events, amusement parks and more.

What is the potential for sharing the GoodLife USA VIP Card?

The person distributing your card is a GoodLife USA independent business owner or IBO. While the card carrier can receive up to $200 worth of savings using GoodLife USA, the IBO who distributed the card gets a commission of 50% of the value of the card as the card is used. In other words, if Mike gives a card to Susie and she receives $100 worth of saving using the card, Mike receives $50 worth of commissions. If Susie uses the total value of $200 in savings using the GoodLife USA service Mike will get $100 in commissions.

Lets say you had 500 cards and if everyone uses the service and uses up the entire $200 in discounts you could earn $50,000. Of course not everyone is going to use up the entire $200 on their cards, but if all those cards were just used at 50% of the value, you could earn $25,000. Even if those cards were used at  10% of their value, the IBO sharing those 500 cards would earn $5,000. Click below to learn how you too can become an Independent Business Owner and get in on the ground floor of this exciting new opportunity!